Leonardtown Arts & Entertainment District

The Town of Leonardtown, the only ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT in Southern Maryland, offers a rich experience in culture. Explore art galleries, see shows and attend art shares with upcoming and prominent artists, take group or one-on-one art classes, and create your own work of art in instructor-led workshops. Visit this page often to learn about exciting events and happenings in Leonardtown

Butterfly Trail

This brand new trail (as well as the kid's Caterpillar Corner) highlights exciting historic landmarks, beautiful outdoor spaces, hidden works of art and fun activities throughout this vibrant Southern Maryland Town. All this and more is waiting for you to rediscover in Leonardtown!

Leonardtown Arts & Entertainment The Show
Leonardtown has launched a new monthly virtual show that highlights the exciting events and happenings in Leonardtown. See spotlights on local artists, behind the scenes looks at exciting Town events, featured performances and more.Learn more at: Leonardtown A&E (visitleonardtownmd.com)

Leonardtown Arts & Entertainment District Directory
Art Business Listing | Visit Leonardtown MD)
We’ve gathered the following resources for you to learn more about live performances and upcoming events, ongoing workshop or classes, the locations of our local art studios, galleries and more. There’s so much to see and do here in Leonardtown. We look forward to seeing you on or around the Square!

Leonardtown Events Calendar
Events Calendar | Visit Leonardtown MD
View a schedule of upcoming events and happenings around Leonardtown!

North End Gallery Learn & Share Series

The Town of Leonardtown and North End Gallery have partnered to present a series of informative and dynamic art classes for the Leonardtown Learn & Share online platform. The North End Gallery Learn & Share Series, funded in part by the St. Mary’s County Arts Council, will offer FREE art classes taught by gallery members. Example classes include oil painting, watercolor, pastels, pottery, mosaics and more. Learn tips and techniques from talented North End Gallery Artists.  View the schedule and classes below.
For more information about the North End Gallery and other Learn & Share Classes visit:
North End Gallery (visitleonardtownmd.com)


The Latest North End Gallery Class Premiere:
Captivating Landscape Pastels with Pam Callen
PREMIERED: Sep 13th at 11 AM

In her first class for the North End Gallery Learn & Share Series, local artist and guest artist for the 2021 North End Gallery Invitational, Pam Callen teaches how to capture captivating landscape scenes using pastels.
For more information and to
view the class visit:
North End Gallery (visitleonardtownmd.com)

New View Fiberworks Learn & Share Series

In honor of its 10th Anniversary, New View Fiberworks (NVF) has partnered with the Town of Leonardtown to present an inventive new Learn & Share Series. New View Fiberworks is a fiber arts shop that features beautiful hand-made items from local artists in a wide range of medium from crocheting, knitting, weaving, felting, quilting, and much more. In their new series for Leonardtown Learn & Share, NVF Fiber Artist, Randee Hamblin, will teach a series of classes featuring a wide range of mixed media projects.
Learn more about the New View Fiberworks Learn & Share Series at:
New View Fiberworks (visitleonardtownmd.com)


The Premiere of the New View Fiberworks Learn & Share Series:
Sewing with Paper
In her first class, Randee teaches you the unusual technique of sewing with paper - including 2-sided paper, and joining paper to fabric to make bookmarks, wallets, journal covers, art quilts, even tote bags
For more information and to
view the class visit:
New View Fiberworks (visitleonardtownmd.com)

View Our Photo Gallery
Featuring photos from our First Fridays, Leonardtown Summer Music Festival,
Earth Day, Beach Party, Christmas on the Square, and more!

Main Street Workshop – Exploring Enhancement Opportunities

See the Leonardtown Square Flash Mob!
September 5, 2014

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About the Leonardtown Arts & Entertainment District
Leonardtown celebrated its Arts and Entertainment District Designation on First Friday, September 6, 2013, becoming the first Arts and Entertainment District in Southern Maryland.

St. Mary's Arts Council
The St. Mary's County Arts Council is a non-profit organization whose vision is to Discover the Arts! Our mission is to cultivate the arts to enrich the quality of life in our community. Our ongoing goals are to increase awareness of and access to the arts, to provide a supportive environment for local artists and arts organizations to thrive, to foster economic vitality through the arts, and to develop the St. Mary's Arts Council as a high performing sustainable organization.

Arts & Entertainment Districts Across Maryland
Maryland’s Arts & Entertainment (A&E) Districts help develop and promote community involvement, tourism and revitalization through tax-related incentives that attract artists, arts organizations and other creative enterprises.