The coast of arms of Seymour is described in Burke’s General Armory of England, Scotland and Ireland. By the Act of the General Assembly dated April 26, 1684 amending an earlier act of August 8, 1683 legislation was passed establishing a “town at Britton’s Neck between Britton’s Bay and St. Clement’s Bay” and by an act dated December 17, 1708 authority was given to establish a town of 50 acres of Shepard’s Old Fields, near the head of Britton’s Bay, on the land of Philip Lynes, Esq.


ARMS: Gules, Two Wings Co-Joined in Lure, or.

CREST: Out o f a Ducal Coronet, or, a Phoenix of the Last, Issuing from Flames, Proper

MOTTO: Foy Pour Devoir


ARMS: Red, Two Wings, Joined at the Back with Tips Point Downward, Gold

CREST: Out of a Ducal Coronet, Gold (Usually Shown with 3 Green Stones and 2 Red Stones in the head Band), A Phoenix of Gold Issuing From Flames, as they Would Appear in Life

MOTTO: Foy Pour Devoir (Faithful to Duty)
The Motto is displayed on a Silver Banner with Gold Tassels, the Motto is of ancient French origin

The aforegoing heraldic devices are displayed on a field of Royal Blue since Leonardtown was established under a Royal Decree of King Charles the Second and later Decrees of Queen Anne and King George II.

The Whole is surrounded with a band of Gold on Which is inscribed the words, “Leonardtown, Maryland”, at the top and the date “1728” as the bottom; all spaced by 13 Stars indicative of the fact that Leonardtown was an old town when the 13 original states were formed.