Welcome to the "More to Explore" Passport Program!

Get your Passport at any St. Mary’s County Library:

Discover what is just outside the door or around the corner while walking your way  to wellness.  The More to Explore Passport Program encourages all in St. Mary’s County to get outside and enjoy a combination of parks, historic sites, water trails, a walkabout through Leonardtown and a farmer’s market.  Get outside and explore!

Complete the program and visit all sites and received a More To Explore Compass!

Prizes for completion of the More to Explore Passport can be picked up at your closest St. Mary’s County Public Library. 

There is so much more just outside your door!

Complete Your Passport!
Look for a Trail Marker.  Trail Markers are located on 4 x 4 posts.  Use a pencil or crayon to rub the name of the site on the corresponding page in your passport. 
Present completed Passport Prize Page to your closest St. Mary’s County Public Library to claim your prize. 
Passport Program runs from Monday, June 16 to Friday, August 15, 2014. 

Passport Address & GPS Coordinates for Leonardtown Trail Markers
Port of Leonardtown
23190 Newtown Neck Road 
Trail Marker located at the edge of Park Parking Lot
GPS  38.303819  -75.65703200000001

Leonardtown Wharf
225800 Washington Street 
Trail Marker near Star Spangled Banner Sign
GPS 38.296646  -76.63521020000002

Tudor Hall
41650 Tudor Place 
Trail Marker near Star Spangled Banner Sign
GPS  38.2880287  -76.6344470000002

Downtown Historic Leonardtown
22698 Washington Street 
Trail Marker by directional signage in park
GPS  38.29085  -76.63549

Paid for by Community Transformation Grant funds and corporate sponsors, implemented by: 
MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital
St. Mary’s County Public Libraries
St. Mary’s County Health Department’s
Healthy Easting and Active Living (HEAL) Action Team