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Commercial Trash Customers

Posted on July 24, 2007:
To Leonardtown commercial trash customers:

You may be aware that the Leonardtown Council recently awarded the town’s residential and commercial trash collection contract to Goode Trash Removal. This company was selected after a formal bid solicitation and evaluation during May and June. Town staff members are making final calculations, and the Council expects to formally approve the new quarterly rates in August. The new rates will be posted on the Town’s website after approval. The new rates will be reflected on the bill you receive at the end of September.

Town staff members are working with Goode Trash Removal and Waste Management to make this transition as smooth as possible. On July 28th and 29th, Goode Trash Removal will be delivering containers to most commercial customers. Their containers will be placed beside or behind your existing Waste Management containers. These blue containers should not be used until your Waste Management containers have been removed. On July 31, Waste Management will collect all commercial containers. If you did not receive a Goode container on the 28th or 29th, you can expect one to be delivered as your Waste Management container is being removed on July 31. Your account will then be serviced by Goode Trash Removal.

As Goode begins servicing Leonardtown accounts on August 1, you may see a change in the time of day your trash is collected. It may take a few weeks for the crew to settle in on a regular schedule. You should call the Town office if you believe your container was missed during collection.

Currently, only cardboard recycling is available to commercial customers. In the coming months, the Town will be working with Goode Trash Removal to offer single stream recycling to commercial customers just as it does to residential customers. This would obviously keep refuse out of the waste stream, but has the potential to save customers money.

Staff members at the Town office will continue to process your requests for service adjustments, and handle any complaints or questions you may have. Please call Jackie Post at 301-475-9791.

J. Harry Norris, III, Mayor
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