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Residential Trash Customers

Posted on July 23, 2007:
To Leonardtown residential trash customers:

You may be aware that the Leonardtown Council recently awarded the town’s residential and commercial trash collection contract to Goode Trash Removal. This company was selected after a formal bid solicitation and evaluation during May and June. The residential bid price from Goode Trash Removal was significantly lower than the other two bidders. Although their bid price was lowest, the new per unit price is higher than currently being paid to Waste Management. Therefore, the quarterly charge for residential trash collection is expected to increase and will be reflected on the bill you receive at the end of September. Staff members are making final calculations, and the Council expects to formally approve the new quarterly rate in August. This new rate will be posted on the Town’s website after approval.

Town staff members are working with Goode Trash Removal and Waste Management to make this transition as smooth as possible. All customers should continue to set trash out as usual. Trash collection days will remain Tuesday and Friday, with recyclables collected on Thursday. Thursday, July 26, will be the last recycling collection by Waste Management. Please fill up your recycling bin as usual. Waste Management will collect the recycling items, but may not be able to collect the bin itself until a later date. Please leave the empty bin at the curb until it is collected by Waste Management. Tuesday, July 31, will be the last trash collection by Waste Management. Please fill up your green toter as usual. As Waste Management is collecting the trash, Goode Trash Removal will simultaneously deliver a new blue replacement trash toter. Please leave the empty green toter at the curb until it is collected by Waste Management. For those customers not currently using a toter, Goode Trash Removal will be happy to provide one if you place your request with Jackie in the Town office at 301-475-9791. On Tuesday, July 31, all residential customers will be provided a green recycling cart. This cart shall be used for recycling only and is designed so that you may commingle all acceptable recycling items. We hope this wheeled cart will make it easier for customers to recycle and set out at the curb. Goode Trash Removal is providing significant assistance to help Leonardtown improve its recycling participation.

Goode Trash Removal has been informed that certain customers with special circumstances require backdoor service. This backdoor service is reserved for those customers that cannot physically place their trash at the curb. All other customers are expected to have carts at the curb no later than 7:00 am.

As Goode begins servicing Leonardtown accounts on August 1, you may see a change in the time of day your trash and recycling are collected. It may take a few weeks for the crew to settle in on a regular schedule. You should call the Town office if you believe your trash or recycling cart was missed during collection.

The Town will continue to offer quarterly bulk trash pickup, fall leaf collection and Christmas tree recycling. Details of those programs will be published in future Beacon newsletters and posted on the Town website.

Please feel free to call the Town office if you have other questions about trash or recycling collection.

J. Harry Norris, III, Mayor
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