Quick Reference for Charter Amendments

Charter Amendment No. CA-04-01
Purpose is to give New Title of Town Treasurer

Charter Amendment No. CA-04-02
Purpose is to allow Town Administrator to sign checks for the Town

Charter Amendment No. CA-04-03
Purpose to alter the time for the meeting of a newly elected Town Council.

Charter Amendment No. CA-04-04
Purpose is to alter the duration of the terms of office of members of the Town Council and Mayor.

Charter Amendment No. CA-04-05
Purpose is to limit the expenditures in excess of amounts in funds.

Charter Amendment No. CA-06-01
Purpose is to authorize the imposition of certain fees and charges related to the Town’s water and sanitary sewer systems and facilities.

Charter Amendment No. CA-06-02
Purpose is to amend the Charter of the Commissioners of Leonardtown to authorize the Town to borrow money for any proper public purpose and to evidence such borrowing by the issuance and sales of its general obligation bonds, notes or other evidences of indebtedness….