The Hurry Family Parkette features a delightful mural, painted by Vanessa Gregorio, local Leonardtown High school art student, depicting an overview of downtown Leonardtown and Leonardtown Wharf which was sponsored by the St. Mary’s County Arts Council, and unveiled June of 2020.

Established in 1996, the Hurry Family Parkette is the former site of the Town Inn, which was destroyed by a fire and was never rebuilt. The Hurry family graciously gave the Town permission to make use of the small grassy parcel that sits adjacent to the Duke building and the alleyway.

The Hurry family is a multi-generational family, well known in St. Mary’s County, and their family history dates back to the early years of the founding of historic Leonardtown.

The Hurry Family Parkette sits just across from Leonardtown’s historic Square and houses a lovely pair of giant swings that provide enjoyment and pleasure to residents and visitors alike, as they leisurely take a moment to sit from strolling through Town.

The Hurry Family Parkette is a connection within LTown Alley and will be a focal point of beautiful works of art and an entertainment setting that everyone will appreciate experiencing.