January 2023

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2023-01/2023-01-17 P_Z Staff Report.pdf

2022-12-31 PZ End of Month U_O Permits.pdf

2022-12-31 PZ End of Month Report.pdf

2022-12-31 PZ End of Month Building Permits.pdf

2022-11-21 PZ Draft Minutes from November 2022.pdf

SOMD Orthopaedics

2023-01/The Woods _ The Wind - Renderings.pdf


12-29-2022 DPW Town22-0283 SOMD Orthopedics.pdf

Dairy Queen

11-01-2022 Final Site Plan Submission Set.pdf

Revised R1.6 Concept Rendering - Driveway view to dumpster.pdf

Revised R1.5 Concept Rendering - Perspectives.pdf

Revised R1.4 Concept Rendering - Back Elevation.pdf

Revised R1.3 Concept Rendering - Drive-thru Elevation.pdf

Revised R1.2 Concept Rendering - Entrance Elevation.pdf

Revised R1.1 Concept Rendering - Front Elevation.pdf

P_Z Meeting Minutes January 18 2022.pdf

P_Z Meeting Minutes December 20 2021.pdf

Original Concept Rendering.pdf