Town Government

Dan Burris

Town Council Members:

Thomas R. Collier Leslie E. Roberts
Roger L. Mattingly Hayden T. Hammett
J. "Jay" Maguire Mattingly IV

Leonardtown is governed by the Mayor and Town Council. There are five members of the Town Council and they serve for a four-year term. Town elections are held every other year on the first Tuesday in May. Terms are staggered whereupon the Mayor and two Council members are elected in one year, and three Council members are elected two years later. All elected officials of the Town must reside within the incorporated limits of Leonardtown.

The Mayor and Council are responsible for all municipal policies and legislation. They appoint a Town Administrator and all other committees, commissions and boards.

Each Council member has general responsibility for one of the various functions of the Town government. The Council meets monthly on the second Monday at 4:00 p.m.